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Desserts                                            Children Package

              Tiramisu Torte                                      For your younger guests, we have a special package
                                                                  at half price (Available for children up to 10 years
              Belgian Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla Pod Ice Cream   & under 4s dine for free)
              Chocolate Orange Pavlova                            Half Portion of Adult Starter
              Sticky Toffee Pudding & Custard                     Or
                                                                  Fruit Juice
              Classic Vanilla Crème Brulee
              Duo of Chocolate Mousse
                                                                  Choice of;
              Roasted Bramley Apple and Butterscotch Crumble      Half portion of Adults Meal
              and Custard
              Baileys Cheesecake
                                                                  Homemade Burger with Chips or Smiley Faces
                                                                  & Beans or Spaghetti Hoops
              Cheese Course                                       Fish Fingers with Chips or Smiley Faces

              A Selection of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire cheeses   & Beans or Spaghetti Hoops
              Accompanied with Homemade chutney, grapes, celery & assorted   Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Chips or Smiley Faces
              Cheese Biscuits and Breads                          & Beans or Spaghetti Hoops

              Individual Plate - £9.00 per person                 Battered Chicken Breast Nuggets with Chips
              Sharing Platter per table of 10 - £80.00            or Smiley Faces & Beans or Spaghetti Hoops

                                                                  Half portion of adult dessert

                                                                  Ice Cream from our Ice Cream Factory

                                                                  Please choose up to three options for your little
                                                                  ones when choosing your wedding breakfast
                                                                  pre order required

                                                                  3 Course Wedding Breakfast - £38.00 per person
                                                                  Children's Half Portion - £20.00 per person

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